The Rabbit Revelry presents: The Ico Fancomic Taste Teaser!


“Haochi lai lai
Niangniang niang niang
Nihao niang
Gorgeous ☆ delicious ☆ deculture~”

ICO no Graphix: Page 1 – “Save the Princess”

prettyprophet: So you decided on the title of this fancomic of yours?

funny_bunny: Yes! ICO no GRAPHIX! Mayhaps GRAPHIXXX.

prettyprophet: What about Grafuck?

funny_bunny: This is not an EROTIC comic!

prettyprophet: Anyways, as you all can probably tell by the art……Funny here didn’t do this.

funny_bunny: Kenno Arkkan! He is artist! And SUPER SEXY he is!

prettyprophet: The rest of us had nothing to do with this, actually.

funny_bunny: And that is why it is RABBIT REVELRY INC! But it should be Thousand Rabbits. Wink.

prettyprophet: Well that’s fucking obvious. You’re awful at deception.

funny_bunny: You’re still playing the game, are you not?

prettyprophet: The metagame?

funny_bunny: IT’S ALL GAME.

prettyprophet: I’m pretty sure there’s a metagame.

funny_bunny: That is the stuff Ico and Yorda shall experience!

prettyprophet: I read the script for this thing. So……yeah, let’s see if Kenno Arkkan can go along with all of Funny’s whacked out propositions.

funny_bunny: You’ve not read ALL of it…fufufufu.

prettyprophet: Bet you I could figure it out.


prettyprophet: Smart kid.

funny_bunny: But let us say…the Great Moon Rabbit decrees that you shan’t? Yes! That sounds good and proper!

prettyprophet: That’s a bet.

funny_bunny: BEGONE. Now! The TRUE reason for this post…ANY ICO AFICIONADO, LET’S MAKE A COMIC TOGETHER! Artists! Images! And so forth! Doujinshi! Fandom! COSPLAYYYYYYY.

prettyprophet: Yeah, because we got SUCH a huge readership here.

funny_bunny: What NEGATIVE thinking!

prettyprophet: Hey, you got my support.

funny_bunny: And what colossal support it is! Worthy of Shadow rape!

prettyprophet: You’d think there’d be more hentai of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

funny_bunny: Too pure, too happiness for even DECADENCE?

prettyprophet: Like I said, you’d think there’d be more.

funny_bunny: So! Email moi! chieffunbuns[at]gmail[dot]com! COMICKING!

prettyprophet: Warning to any newcomers: Funbuns is kinda insane. And a dumbass prone to wild fancies of stupid shit.

funny_bunny: You’ve left out the most important element: I LOVE.

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    nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao nyan~~

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