Rabbit Revelry, Inc.’s [Cases in the Red Room]

There are Cases, the Room is Red

“He is a wise master. In the very beginning, he gave me a home; a quaint red case. Like stuff of celebrities! I was overjoyed to find such accommodating quarters but ah…how could I fit? I must have stood there for such a long time, red as the case, pondering my dilemma. So, the wise master, what does he do? More red. He made me more red. Simple slices. Here at the knee, there at the neck. More. Wrapped me up, he did, all doll-like and then I was quite snug among the ice.

Most importantly, I fit.”

funny_bunny: A schwarzy x Fanny release! Rabbit Revelry, Inc. productions! “Cases in the Red Room”! It’s a PICTURE BOOK!

nde: Good work.

funny_bunny: Nonsense! This was ANCIENT.

nde: Will you continue?

funny_bunny: MAYHAPS??

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